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Robson Cassiano

Robson Cassiano Oliveira da Silva, 32 years old, from Cruz Alta-RS. Music Producer, Entrepreneurial Keyboardist in the Real Estate Industry, Psychologist in Training. Much more than that, Robson is an Inventor of Christian content, that is, the true creator of tools for the message of the gospel of Christ Jesus to be carried to the most diverse segments and social classes in the discrepant Brazilian reality.
Son of a couple of ex-pastors of the Assembly of God and owner of a totally self-developed talent, Cassiano had his first contacts with music as a child in the ecclesiastical development circle, such as the various small bands and groups of churches in which father pastored. At 14 he was invited to change city and state

Programa Simone Virtuosa

Simone Virtuosa Program, SBT 

Programa Lucimara Parisi

Lucimara Parisi Program, TV Brasil

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Gospel Talent Program, TV Bandeirantes

with the mission of assuming the role of keyboardist in another segment of the evangelical field, but no longer in the church of his parents, that is, accepting his first challenge as a professional keyboardist. Along with this event, he joined as an apprentice in a television network, thus obtaining significant knowledge about Production and Media. Later he ended up returning to the south of the country where he started to work independently with music production and arrangements.

Several works were appearing, among them some more expressive that served as impetus for a new phase in the producer's career. Robson Cassiano has already produced arrangements for national gospel singers such as Ludmila Ferber (Som Livre), Ministério Apascentar (MK Publicita), Carlinhos Felix (MK Publicita), Banda Opus Dei (Vertical Label), and several others like Davi Lukato and Tamy Klaus, both revelations of the "Young Talents" board of the Raul Gil Program at SBT.

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